Item Number: Z10PLUS

Wood-burning Stove with Glass and Oven

1075.00 JOD


"Wood-burning stove with a glass door, and firewood storage Z10
External dimensions :76*69*47 cm
Iron thickness : 3.0 mm
Capacity : The minimum is 10 KW/H, and the maximum is 15 KW/H, it depends on the type of firewood and its moisture level.
The wood consumption is less than 30% compared to competing products
Heating for large and open spaces up to 100 square meters
Wghite : 110 Kg
The smoke outlet measures :
* 6"" for both vertical installation
* 8"" for horizontal installation
New model featuring a heat-resistant stone backdrop behind the firebox
Tray for indoor ash
Resistant glass for firebox door
The ability to control the combustion quantity precisely, and it can be easily turned off.
Heat-resistant coating, safe from smoke leakage into the house

Factors to Consider for Heating Inside the House and Achieving the Highest Efficiency from the Stove:
* The efficiency of insulation in the house and the percentage of airflows
* The location of the stove in the room or living area, where placing it more towards the center results in higher heating efficiency around the stove
* The moisture content of the firewood, as lower moisture content in firewood leads to higher heat energy during the combustion process

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