Item Number: Z5

Wood-burning Stove with Oven

395.00 JOD


"Wood-burning stove with an oven Z 5
External dimensions : 95*45*45 cm
Iron thickness : 1.5 mm
Capacity : 6 KW/H
Heating for large and open spaces up to 60 square meters
Wghite : 40 Kg
The smoke outlet measures :
* 5"" for vertical installation
* 6"" for horizontal installation
It includes a cooking oven measuring 34*25*45 cm
Tray for ash drawer for cleaning with movable mesh floor
Heat-resistant coating, Safe from smoke leakage into the house
Factors to Consider for Heating Inside the House and Achieving the Highest Efficiency from the Stove:
* The efficiency of insulation in the house and the percentage of airflows
* The location of the stove in the room or living area, where placing it more towards the center results in higher heating efficiency around the stove
* The moisture content of the firewood, as lower moisture content in firewood leads to higher heat energy during the combustion process

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